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We want to convince, that humanity is not alone in the Universe. That somewhere in space - dozens, hundreds of, and perhaps thousands of light years from us - it is similar to our rational civilization. That they, like us, lead thought life and the desire to meet each other like creatures.

Photo: pinterest.com

Photo: pinterest.com

Dozens of radio telescopes listening for any signals, Hundreds of astronomers search for more and more planets in the system of foreign celebrities. The first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, scientists predict only after 10-15 years. This can be both a response signal, as well as direct the arrival of aliens on Earth.

Are we ready for it? Should we not rather end the search for extraterrestrial civilizations and hide in our corner of the cosmos, counting on, that others will not find us?

British astrophysicist Stephen William Hawking compares the appearance of aliens on Earth, the landing of Christopher Columbus in America. for Earthlings, like the Indians, Native American, nothing good it will not bring - warns scientist.

Auto 5 arguments for this, not to look for today sentient beings in the universe:

  1. We can not find a common language with them

A common language, after all, we can not even find the limits of the planet. People for thousands of years war with each other; some nations are still trying to subdue their neighbors. There are still disputes about the nature of both the economic, and ideological. So if we believe in the existence of other intelligent civilizations, This should not exclude the fact, that contacts with them will not only be friendly.

It may be, that on closer acquaintance, our culture will become a stranger too liberal, or vice versa - too conservative. And people will prove to be very tolerant and not willing to compromise. Newcomers from space may not like our economy is gradually destroying the Earth's wildlife.

We can be very different from their ethical standards and moral, that they limit contacts with us, or bet live our conditions, the fulfillment of which will depend on us to provide advanced technology. E.g, any request for an ecological, or demanding the disarmament and the end of military conflicts. Besides lifestyle, Foreign traditions and culture can not be us taste. Is there anyway we will be friends with them? Are we ready, to accept them as, which are?

  1. Our planet may be more interested in their, than we do

What a deal would have representatives of an alien civilization, to contact us? The probability of establishing ties with civilization less developed than ours is vanishingly small. That we would have to fly them, and this is far beyond our capabilities. In turn, the above-developed culture, our level of development and the state of technology rather not interested. Possible, the alien home planet is no longer fit for life and the search for a new home for them is a priority. As newcomers from space can realize their life plans? E.g, by attack and mastering Earth. Are we prepared to defend themselves effectively?

  1. We have to count on their help


Photo: wikipedia.org – Aurora

Besides the simple hope, that in space there is someone like us, It moves us a practical interest. We expect to receive from a more advanced civilization technologies, which will facilitate life on Earth. There is a common belief, that the United States has got the Foreign new technologies in the last century. Given the revolutionary expansion of certain industries, This version seems to be quite likely.

only, the most advanced technology on the planet are used primarily for the production of deadly weapons. There is so much reasonable doubt that, or representatives of an alien civilization would like to share with us his technical achievements. And not just for humanitarian reasons, fearing, that use them to earthly wars, but more pragmatic reasons, to improved weapons was not directed against them. Does not matter, as a defense, or aggressive.

  1. The aliens do not come to us themselves

worlds War

Photo: pinterest.com

In the famous novel by Herbert Wells' War of the Worlds ", Martian attack aggressors was not swayed by the people - the English army proved powerless to challenge the newcomers from space. Martians defeated while others Earthlings, living on the planet with us - microbes. The stranger did not have with them any chances.

Extraterrestrial life must not in any case mean intelligent beings. On foreign planets could also develop microorganisms, which in the case of our contact with aliens could hit the Earth.

Not so long ago, returning astronauts to the moon were quarantined, to prevent the possible move there some infections. If there is on the planet extraterrestrial visitors, Such an eventuality would be incomparably more probable.

  1. Are we ready, to share with someone Earth?

The received signals our residents another planet can treat it as a hope for rescue. And upon arrival to Earth they ask for asylum as refugees, because their planet has an ecological catastrophe, and they themselves wander in space looking for help.

Do we show them the right people to tolerance, and we let them into our towns and villages? Sooner or later, the new współmieszkańcom Earth you will need to also acknowledge the equal rights of Earthlings, in this election. For now, we have on our planet serious problems with the acceptance of refugees from our species. Some prefer whisked them back, can not in space, but certainly for Africa.

In short: people would like to find extraterrestrial civilization somewhere far away in space, but if they are willing to come into contact with it on the threshold of his home?

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