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The deepest known oceanic trench on Earth pulls the bow section 2500 km, and its maximum depth is 10994 m. On the moon was far more people than the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Unexplored depths of the sea, not only the most, still hide many secrets. Here are some examples:

on the Adriatic

  • light uFO14 November 1998 the fisherman Toni Pamaca from the port of San Benedetto del Tronto on the Adriatic was about 5-6 km from the. Around four o'clock in the morning, when he chose the deep network, suddenly he saw water coming out from under the red light. Barely gathered equipment, hurriedly moved away from this place, but the red beam followed close behind. He floated to the surface and diffused widely, or left to the bottom, Recalling then the purple star. Toni does not remember, as he reached the shore. Terrified by the week did not go out to sea.

Initially, relatives and friends were his story as a manifestation of fantasy or hallucination, but soon strange phenomena like the sea began to repeat. mysterious light, red and green rays, bubbling water, huge columns of water rising up unexpectedly good hundred meters, strange ripple on the surface recorded by the Coast Guard ... What could it be? Surely there can be no question of any clusters of micro-organisms and deep sea creatures. In that case, co?

  • The sailors of a fishing vessel "thong"Backer network in the area of ​​Grottammare six miles from shore, registered on the radar screen of large submerged object resembling "very long tongue”. When I chose sweep, compass suddenly gone mad, and the rope tightened and the ship at high speed raced aft to the front. Another minute or two and would turn inevitably, but somewhere in the depths of the rope snapped, trawl gone, and the ship jumped up like a cork on the water. It was hard to believe fishermen, what happened.

A massive steel object (because otherwise disturb the compass?) deprived fishermen network. Submarine? Or underwater machine aliens? lack of response. Although, Some skeptics are convinced, that similar objects, is nothing, as high-tech spy cameras USA or Russia. However, this is unlikely, because no modern machine can not move under water at speeds over 100 km / h.

Off the coast of Cuba

3 of August 1999 year, in the north-eastern coast of Cuba, at distance 27 miles offshore crew boat "Hermes"Tuna was struck by an unusual spectacle. In the gathering dusk, first front, and then from the right side, on the left and at the back there were some scary light streaks, as if in the depths ignited interconnected headlights. The ship with the crew was speechless in a luminous ring.

ufo orb"The situation was frightening, we felt completely helpless far from the shore and in the face of apparent danger. Young fishermen wept and prayed. Nagle, near US, flew out of the water glowing object roughly the shape of a sphere and immediately hung at a height 50-100 meters. He circled, He lowered on some 20 meters and flooded us soft, green light. Then, just as quickly he jumped up and flew a distance 2-3 cables (1 cable = 185,2 m) quickly plunged into the water. I gave a report to the base and ordered to take a course to port "- told the captain of the fishing vessel Valentino Peira.

Near Japan

Tanker Vale BrasilJapanese bulk carrier with a displacement 80 000 tons walked course to San Francisco. The day after leaving the port happened something amazing: due to the strong impact the ship shuddered, tilted to the side, and after a while he returned to the vertical several times a healthy rocked. The watch officer raised alarm. However, the sea was calm, the ship went on its course, in the holds there were no leaks. In contrast, scared to death the crew demanded a response from the nervous captain: What tossed such a colossus on the water, like a rubber ball?

"I thought at first, the bulk carrier hit the reef or shoal sand - said captain. But soon I came to his senses; in this region of the ocean, which reaches depths 4-5 km, for any shallows there can be no. I gathered a crew and I presented my personal, the subjective theory, that He hits us a huge, the emerging, unrecognized object. No submarine terrestrial origin, or the more marine animal would not be able to just shake the boat with dwuipółcentymetrowej steel. "

The Mariana Trench

probe Mariana TrenchW 2003 It was published in the United States sensational results of the Mariana Trench. Scientists immersed in the deepest part of the world's ocean by a special camera - unmanned capsule equipped with powerful searchlights, very sensitive tele- and video systems, microphones. The camera left on six steel ropes. Initially, the electronics are not signaled anything fancy. However, after a few hours after immersion on monitors in light of the powerful headlights began to sneak silhouette mysterious, giant objects (at least 12-16 m), and microphones transmit at this time sharp sounds - the creaking iron and thuds of metal. uniform impact. When a raised platform (not leaving it to the end anyway because of unexplained obstacles), turned out, the massive steel structure was warped, a steel rope as if nadpiłowane. A little more and unique camera forever remain in the largest cleft of water on Earth. Scholars refused to statements on this topic, for popular science magazines unanimously commented sensational event: in the deepest depths of the ocean, there is someone. Someone intelligent, boasting a very advanced technique.

Once again, the question arises: if the man is actually the only host of the Earth? Or maybe, together with our civilization, there is one, underwater, much of our older? Or maybe, Aliens created in the depths of the oceans bases, They are watching us and realize there space travel? Perhaps, soon our scholars will present their versions and evidence. (S.K.)

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