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baltyckie-ufoW 2011 , a group of Swedish researchers looked for the deep sea in the Gulf of Bothnia (part of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland) the wreckage of the old ship, by using an underwater radar. The ship sank in this area over a hundred years ago. The most important, what scientists they expected to find, This pair of boxes old champagne. However, when scanning the seabed, suddenly revealed to monitor mysterious stain large sizes.

Baltic UFO

After analyzing the captured images turned out, that at the bottom of the bay, at a depth 87 m, lies unrecognized circular object with a diameter of about 60 m. He recalls the legendary "Millennium Falcon" from "Star Wars". Swedish researchers decided to solve the puzzle "Baltic Sea UFO”.

In June 2012 eleven-year expedition went to the bottom of the Baltic Sea, to thoroughly examine the mysterious object on the seabed. Peter Lindberg, One of the divers, He came to conclusion, that discovery may be Unidentified flying object, or UFO. Power-to-morskim-DNIe-UFO-baltykHe noted, that the bottom around the object that is covered with large gaps and cracks, that may arise as a result of his fall. In addition to the object discovered traces of braking, which indicates, that the object was moving across the bottom of the sea before it stopped there, where he now rests. Its walls are incredibly simple and smooth, there is also a sort of stairs, leading to the surface of the upper level. They also found entry into the property perfectly symmetrical oval form. Diver also stated, the nearby stop working satellite phones, and even cameras. ufo-baltykuInterference cease only, comes away from the place of some anomalies 200 m.

Divers in twenty years of underwater research have never met with a similar view. They found, the dimensions of the object can be compared to the length of the passenger plane. The trail stretching behind the subject makes one think, that perhaps happened here a disaster and the object slipped inertia after seabed.

But building on fire

Slots space is filled by a black substance. Divers Dennis Åsberg and Peter Lindberg took samples and sent them to a research institute in Israel. The results were more than surprising!

  • Samples showed, that we are dealing with the burnt organic material, whose age is estimated at 15000 do 140000 years.
  • volcanic eruption, which could lead to burning of the organic substance, He was excluded by scholars. The last volcanic activity in the Baltic Sea took place over 150 million years ago.

Something burned thousands of years ago, and then landed at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Did a UFO from space? Fredrik Klinberg the Swedish Geological Institute was the research results strongly surprised: „Can be found in Sweden, organic material, which is as old, but never such, which has been previously burned.”

KRag on the seabed

Crop circles They move the imagination of lovers of unusual phenomena, here treasure hunters found a magic circle on the seabed. During the next dive 2012 year, researchers determined the final shape of the object.

  • It stands about three meters above the bottom of the sea and from the side resembles a mushroom.
  • It has long grooves, which closely resemble sanding marks.
  • At the top of the object is a series of stones, and on the one hand it can be seen in the round deep hole.

Divers originally thought, it may here be about some extinct volcano, or that thousands of years ago a meteor fell to earth and burned in the atmosphere. Upon closer inspection, said Dennis Åsberg:

"For me, this object looks structured. It gives the impression of an artificially created. Otherwise, on the seabed, there are traces of, which testify, that for a long stretch slid it along the bottom. "

Skeptics and visionaries

Until today, both laymen and experts, racking their brains to solve the riddle of the mysterious circle at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, discovered by chance five years ago.

  • Professor Volker Brüchert from Stockholm University, thinks, it is not yet UFO, just ordinary rocks. The Baltic Sea was created by the action of a melting glacier, and possible - according to the professor - that's glacier has just moved to this area a variety of stones.

The scholar did not explain, however,, why in the vicinity there is interference in the operation of electronic devices.

  • In turn, the former Swedish naval officer says Anders Autellus, the building dates from the period of World War II and served the Germans to interfere with the signals of Soviet and British submarines, operating in the Gulf of Bothnia.

This explains Although electronic interference but not quite agree with known age finds.

  • We hope to solve the riddle "Baltic anomaly"They give the same divers, who discovered it. They published a photo of the interior namely the object taken by an underwater robot. It shows clearly the corridor wall forming a right angle.ufo-pictures-baltyk

Dennis Asberg He said: „We made several new expeditions to the bottom of the sea and discovered many interesting things, which for now must remain secret. I can only tell, it is very fascinating!" Well, We wait - see. (S.K.)

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