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Information about meetings with unrecognized flying objects quite often appear in the Cypriot media. But, regardless of, Cypriot pilots - and civilian, and military - in one voice say, that had never happened to them into contact with a UFO. Meanwhile, Cyprus, just like most other countries in the world, Foreign interest in the subject, and eyewitness accounts of encounters with UFOs have accumulated quite a lot.

flying pyramids, kule, cigars ...

One of the earliest testimonies appearance of UFOs in the sky Cyprus is dated 1950 year. Two American soldiers have seen the, how "little, round, bright object flew over 15-20 sec at high speed in a straight line, or alternately rising and falling in the sky over Nicosia.

John Knowles, former pilot royal air force in Canada living in Paphos, argues, I personally met seven times with the phenomena, which can not explain the principles of science and technology. 23 July 2009 r. he saw the scarlet, fireball, which flew across the sky at a height of about 100 meters at a speed of 200 km / h. This phenomenon is observed neighbors Knowles in Coral Bay, and a resident of the village of Tala (in Pafos), which at the time came out with the dog for a walk.

20 July 2009 r. in the region of Peninsula Greco you could see five bright red display. Unrecognized objects gliding through the sky, performing various aerobatic maneuver. Witnesses watched them for eight minutes, until the fires have not disappeared.

Pyramida-UFO19 May 2009 r. One of the eyewitnesses meeting UFO walked along the road on the outskirts of Ayia Napa (in the district of Famagusta). At one point he saw two bright objects similar to a pyramid. They were of equal size, color and brightness. Objects migrated from the sea towards the mainland. The witness had seen, that one pyramid followed by a second. his colleague, that was near, He saw only a flash in the night sky.

16 June 2009 the pilot the airline Atlas Airlaines led the plane from Istanbul to Timwu in Cyprus. Around eight o'clock in the evening he saw against the sky bright object 'like a big garbage bag”. UFO accompanied by airplane so long, until he touched wheels belt at the airport in Timwu, whereupon he disappeared.

ship ufoThe case of UFO sightings in the area of ​​Kyrenia in November 2008 We were informed a few people. Flying object was oblong shape, like a rugby ball and shining bright, orange light - he told the Famagusta Gazette one of the witnesses. Quite quickly move the small zigzags, and then hung in the air for half a minute, gently rose in an arc of 45 ° and disappeared.

A little earlier, in September 2008 year, an unusual phenomenon in Limassol recorded on video a Russian. In three minutes the mysterious object circling erratically through the night sky. Sometimes it had the shape of a yellow ball, and time varied "rugby ball"And I glowed orange. And although skeptics say, they were the only illumination of the city, This phenomenon is very interesting and not like an aircraft or to the lights, or to any atmospheric phenomenon.

W 2002 the Egyptian UFO hunter shot a five-minute film starring a flying object over parking Larnaca Airport. On the other hand, a family from Kyrenia observed in 1998 was something, what looked like a "flying saucer with rotating lights". At the meeting with UFO marriage was on the Nicosia - Kyrenia. UFO appeared 50-100 meters above the car and for a time followed him.

About their impressions associated with meetings with UFO in Cyprus in the years 1959-1961 shared with the newspaper The Sunday Mail writer, author of works on historical themes war, UK resident Yuri Geller. He said, that the UFO seen in the Troodos mountains and the beach in Kyrenia, walking there with your dog. In both cases, these were not aircraft or helicopters. He saw them in daylight. Objects performed incredibly fast evolution and moved away at a speed, which fails to develop any object created by human hands.

Flight controllers saw only "angels"

In October 2005 the strangers guests came to the village in the district of Larnaca PIRG.

"Barking dogs disturbed me, the clock was only half past two in the morning - recalled witness events. I noticed a bright light moving in my direction, which soon stopped and hung in the air. Through the binoculars I saw, it was a triangular object with yellow, green and white lights. Chaotically moving in all directions by 45 minutes. I tried to take pictures of high magnification, but the camera stopped working. I checked, directing the lens in a different direction of heaven or the house, He worked flawlessly. Then the object moved behind the trees on the west of my house and for some time there was visible. "

The witness asked friends from the military base of Dhekelia check, and on this night there was some unusual phenomena over Cyprus. according to military, nothing extraordinary had happened.

But there were other official information. Commenting in April 2005 the reports of increased UFO activity in the sky over the island, which came in contact witnesses, a representative of the civil aviation of the Republic of Cyprus said, at that time ground-based radars services quite often recorded the flying objects, which disappeared after three revolutions radar. „We call them angels"- Added the official.

In the Troodos was a UFO crash?

Recall, that one of the most famous cases of supposed UFO crash occurred in 1946 r. near the town of Roswell, New Mexico (USA). They say eyewitnesses, Cyprus also occurred in a similar case 1973 the Troodos mountains. They saw that British soldiers from the military base of Dhekelia. Here are the memories of Tom Clark, one of the six soldiers, who have become witnesses to the incident in the mountains.

"About two o'clock at night all of us woke up bright, but not dazzling light, we observed for seven-eight minutes. initially we thought, it Helicopter, who seeks us, or something similar. However, the blaze was not accompanied by a characteristic engine noise. There was also no explosion; simply at some point, the object began to approach the ground, whereupon - obviously - decreased. The sergeant reported about the command and with the officer went to the place, where the light "landed". After an hour, they returned and told, that there apparently happened a disaster. Soon, the base came a black helicopter with no distinguishing marks, which they jumped "people in black clothes" without patches. Let us get close to the crash site only, when they were gathered together all the major elements. Our task was combed the area in search of objects, which could be related to the disaster. If you find something unusual, they had to be put in a container resembling a large trash can. "

According to Tom Clark, he found a piece of metal shimmering gold on the one hand. Oddly enough, the object had the ability to stick to a uniform Englishman. At the end of the search the soldiers ordered to keep silent about everything, what they saw. Otherwise, they threatened with court-martial. Otherwise, All six soldiers were assigned to different units and never met with him.

The newspaper Cyprus Mail contacted the Ministry of Defence UK hoping to obtain some data regarding the events of the past. Press Secretary of the Ministry said, however,, that any UFO crash in Cyprus never recorded.

There is a simple reason, for the case that has been withheld. Well, during the Cold War the Soviet Union, The US and Britain tried to use all means, to get over the enemy military and psychological edge. It is obvious, that the special interest aroused in them UFOs, from which they wanted to take over experience, knowledge and technology Foreign.

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