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archaeologists have found preinkaskie sculptures, which shape very similar to something like a plane, jet, the space shuttle. These small figurines made of gold are about 5 cm in length. Is estimated, that arose between 500, a 800 BCE year. Some researchers have suggested, Animals that the figures, But this is very far-fetched theory.

An interesting fact is, that the wings of these ancient aircraft is decorated with numerous drawings, many of them are in the form of a spiral. Among the ancient Indians of South America, spirals meant forebears. These sculptures bring a lot of confusion, because you can not precisely define what they represent. Some say, that these figures birds, while others believe that these are figures created under the influence actions ETs.

In year 1997 built prototypes of these artifacts, to explore the possibility of flight. Specifications were carefully scaled, and the materials which are used for the construction of small craft flying radio controlled. Additionally, we use a small motor and propellers. Version of the model of ancient statues in the air exercised very well. Control via the remote control allowed for the loop, turnover, off and landing.

Dreams of flying occupied the imagination of man. There was a lot of birds, that it seemed not put in a greater effort. According to accepted history it lasted a year 1780, when two French raised into the air by balloon near Paris.

Analyzing our history, you will notice a lot of evidence and facts, that humanity is trying to soar in the air. As a precursor can be indisputably Leonardo da Vinci, which in the sixteenth century it was an incredible achievement in this field. He invented a machine, looks like a combination of airplane and helicopter. His work and research have used the Wright brothers, who in Kitty Hawk 1903 They were flown in and thus introduced a flight on a permanent basis to our reality.

This is the story, we all very well know. But now archaeologists have found more and more evidence, that we can about her confused. Their research and discovery may soon give us grounds to believe, that the ancient civilizations have already discovered how a man can take to the skies, maybe someone helped them in this?

Abydos, Egypt and airplanesAbydos, Egypt and airplanes: This image shows the distinct shapes of aircraft, which push elements resembling the shape of a bomb or packages. In the upper left corner you can see the subject is highly reminiscent of the modern helicopter.

Even more controversial discovery, than aircraft models are enigmatic carvings found by Dr. Ruth Hover in the temple of Abydos in Egypt. Hover photographed wall panels, which in themselves were hidden even older paintings, which presented huge ancient airplanes.

In year 1898 in a tomb in Saqquara (located near Cairo) Egypt found six-inch wooden object, the year of completion is estimated at about 200 p.n.e. The discovery of these consisted of the hull, siedmiocalowych wings, slightly curved tail and rudder. Its construction was very close to the construction of modern aircraft.

In year 1898, no one yet knew flying machines, and the history of ancient Egypt were not investigated. The find was designated as a model of a bird and was stored in the basement of the Cairo museum. Many years later the building was discovered by Dr. Khalil Messisha. He was one of the most famous archaeologists - researchers. According Messisha and other, who have studied these findings, It has properties aerodynamiczne, like modern gliders. This is perceived, that they need very little energy, to take to the skies. The curved wings allow to achieve high speed in the air. A similar construction is very famous supersonic aircraft Concord.

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