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UFO sightings are a recurring theme in the media several times a year. It can be said, that there are no people in the world, who did not hear. However, it appears, that there are many observations, who never went to public information. One example is an event observed above the village of Tijuana in Mexico. Reports about UFO Sightings Daily.

Scott Warning - Coordinator of UFO Sightings Daily published a recording of a very strange event, which may present an alien life form. It's hard to determine whether it is subject, or maybe being, however, the recording itself is extremely realistic. This highlights the cry of a child, that cries out - "See, Look".

A strange object on the recording was named tentatively "jellyfish” UFO. All this because of its shape, or lack thereof. "Medusa" changing colors. One is pink, and once the green, further it has one or two light beams, like rocket boosters. Some confirmed, that beyond the changing colors of the object at times resembled a speeding space shuttle.

One of those, those who saw the event was a Mexican Juan. According to him, the subject, who appeared very strange, transparent, emitting rays of light. Does not agree with the opinions of others, supposedly "jellyfish" would arise as a result of the collapse of sunlight. He believes, that with my own eyes saw something unusual, something that really looked like a giant jellyfish.

This event took place in the north - east of Tijuana. The video clip shows the strange, moving extremely fast form. you can say, it jumps from place to place, as if it were in the process of searching. The whole film is about. 4 minutes. Many witnesses said, it was the end of the mission "jellyfish". Juan admits, that previously thought UFO nonsense, something invented by people with overactive imagination. However, since this event believe in life beyond Earth.

Asked in an interview, whether he thought it was a spaceship, firmly replied - not. According to Juan "jellyfish" shape has changed too many times. He can not fully explained what exactly is registered in the video object - perhaps it was a biological form of life - but it is a, that came from outer space.

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