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sun earth moonConstruction of the solar system amazes their exact mathematical terms "cases". Note the perfect compatibility during the rotation of the Moon around its axis with its circuit around the Earth. As a result, it is all the time returned to Earth the same side. It is believed, the synchronization of rotation of the moon occurred not later, than 4 billion years ago. Since that time, the moon is still hidden from our sight by its "dark" half.

By the way, it is wrong to define, as the dark side even receive a little more sunlight, than the one facing Earth (thus, that is not covered by the Earth). .

In the system Sun - Moon - Earth one can easily discern many peculiar dependence.

full moon

full moon

Particularly distinguished here "parameters moon”, both these astronomical, physical, and mathematical. It's fairly possible, to overlapping figures for individual relationships in this system were accidentally. It seems more plausible option, they are the result of deliberate setting of the moon by extraterrestrial civilizations.

The great inventor and an equally great artist Leonardo da Vinci believed the moon inhabited and claimed, the bright spots on the surface, this sea, and dark - the continents. Similarly, Francis Godwin, English clergyman and writer, wrote in the mid-seventeenth century, a book about life on the moon. As you can see, the idea of ​​colonization of the Moon and the life on it there was already a long time ago. But when we made significant progress in science and there is the possibility of accurate observations of the Moon, scientists have found, that life could exist there.

Well, scientists have mistaken the not the first time; on closer examination found the moon because so many unexplained, unusual facts, that each question must arise: "If it was not life, what it was?”.

Let us leave aside for the moment the lunar phenomena, mysterious phenomena and finds. Let's forget it for a moment about the official theory of the creation of a satellite of our planet. Here are two unusual hypothesis, but is actually quite unlikely?

  • Moon - Alien spaceship

there is a suspicion, the moon, is nothing, as an extraterrestrial spaceship. There is no doubt, his perfectly spherical shape of the best characteristics of the cosmic. Such a vehicle should be a strong, a metal construction with a wall thickness of about 25 km. For this, to protect the ship from heat loss, had to cover it with the cover thickness of about one kilometer. It was created in the meteorite impact craters and the whole sculpture of the Moon.

Inside should be enough space propulsion and life support. exactly: nucleus of the moon is from 1 do 3 % the weight, Meanwhile, the Earth's core, like the other rocky planets, is up roughly one third of their weight.

Let's look at some of the peculiarities of our satellites. sea ​​moon, visible to the naked eye dark patches on the surface thereof. It is believed, that they arose from the blows of giant asteroids, and then filled with liquid lava.

Incomprehensible is only, how lava from the center of the moon covered evenly so huge areas and why this view is more like a water surface of oceans, than volcanic lava?

If you compare the amount of meteorite impacts on the so-called lunar seas and other areas satellites, it turns out, the "sea" were 15 times more likely to get hit. It means, they are relatively new, and then the resulting, than the Moon.

The protective layer of the moon played a huge role for its residents and, therefore, meteorite impacts were predicted, and in their planned strikes were made to prepare preventive. Apparently there were certain machines capable of covering perfectly uniform layer of the surface of today's "seas".

  • Moon - a monument left by aliens

What souvenirs could leave us representatives of alien civilizations residing on the planet, that they are understandable for us and survived to our days? What monument would resemble the Terrans visitors from distant planets, who defeated the interstellar path? Where would it leave?

  1. This monument should primarily be sufficiently resistant, to wait until, when the idea and knowledge, which passes will be apparent.
  2. It should attract people's attention with its size, glow, originality.
  3. It should contain any useful information, and stimulate interest in the cosmos.
  4. It should not overwhelm the human, but teach him observation, compare and gather knowledge.
  5. It should be made so, to its artificiality is not inconspicuous.
  6. For this, to protect the monument from the pernicious influence of the Earth (floods, wind, temperature variations, etc..) and make it visible to all the people, it would be best to put him in space.

And actually, Moon meets all the requirements set out above. easily noticeable, big, eye-catching object meets the conditions of the monument stellar one hundred percent.

Do not forget at the same time, that is thanks to the moon man understand the theory of celestial phenomena. known, the moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, but there are also as many times closer to the earth, therefore, we can see both viewed at the same angle.

Where did the Moon? It is a hypothesis, that newcomers from foreign planets found him between Mars and Jupiter. It was there that according to the calculations of astronomers should circulate the planet Phaeton. Faeton, This hypothetical planet, which was supposedly exist between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Its existence presupposes the rule Titius-Bode, whereby the distance of each planet in the solar system from the sun meets the simple arithmetic rule, so far discovered among the missing one planet between Mars and Jupiter. It turns out, that the Moon may be just Phaeton.

Additionally, to move such a large object was needed huge amounts of energy. It makes us think about the possibilities, their disposal "guests". Perhaps, some undisclosed information on the time and method of this achievement is on the surface of the Moon, or in the values ​​of angles and directions of its orbit, in the periodic eclipses, etc..

It is difficult to prove, that puzzling phenomenon on the moon testify, that our planet once visited by intelligent beings from other planets. It is also difficult to prove, że Księżyc – to oryginalny pomnik pozostawiony nam przez Obcych albo pozaziemski statek kosmiczny. However, could that be. Who knows, science may soon give us the answers to these questions.

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