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Dorothy Eady It proved to be one of the most extraordinary women of the twentieth century. Although not flown in space, He was not a Hollywood star, He did not get even a Nobel Prize. Dorothy became famous in a completely different field: at the beginning of the last century, in a conservative UK, not afraid to announce, that is new, the earthly incarnation of the ancient Egyptian priestess.

my people

Omm SetiThis bizarre story began in 1907 year. The three-year time Dorothy fell from a high ladder and lost consciousness. They called a doctor. This thoroughly examined the child and said, that "the state is hopeless". After an hour, he came back with a certificate of death and a nurse, which was to help reach the body. Meanwhile, to his surprise, "Body" was alive, healthy and was running, as if nothing had happened.

After the incident, the girl was, however, completely transformed: She began her dream of Ancient Egypt. She began to ask parents, drove to her home, to Egypt, thousands of miles from London. She had a mysterious vision. She was convinced, he remembers his previous life, and that at that time lived by the sea, the land of the Pharaohs. Nay, Dorothy still telling surprising details of that life, when she was an Egyptian priestess, He lived and served at the court of Pharaoh Seti (XIII century BC).

The situation worsened after the, as the state Eady took his four-year daughter to the British Museum. Parents feared, that the child will not last a few hours walking around the museum halls. Dorothy at the beginning actually kaprysiła and weeping, but as soon as they were among the monuments of Egypt, the fatigue and bad mood was left no trace. She began to run around the statues, kiss the feet of the marble statues of gods and goddesses. In the end she found a glass sarcophagus with a mummy, and was with him. When parents tried to take it from there, Dorothy exclaimed suddenly the whole room a changed, foreign voice: „Leave me here, This is my nation!

family house

kamien z rosettyWith age girls obsession intensified. Especially interested in the pictures of the Rosetta Stone (monument of ancient Egyptian literature) - Basalt slabs of engraved on it three identical texts stored in hieroglyphics, demotic and Greek. Dorothy hours watching them through a magnifying glass and found, he knows the language, just forget it. Once I found in a magazine photograph entitled "Temple of Seti I at Abydos". To the surprise and dismay of parents noticed, that once he lived in this temple, and rustled around a beautiful garden.

My father tried to explain to her, that this building was built over a thousand years ago, and besides the desert there are no gardens. But the daughter firmly insisted on his: Temple, her family home, which still appears in her dreams.

Modernity and antiquity

At the age of 27 years, Dorothy began working in the editorial of the London magazine. It was then that she met Egyptian Emana Abdel Meguina, for whom soon married. W 1931 he went to Egypt, and upon arrival, Dorothy knelt down and kissed the ground. She said, that is not ever in this country do not leave. After a year they had a son, which - despite the objections of his father - he gave the name of Seti. Hence the nickname her "Omm Seti"- Matka Seti. The child does not, however, strengthened family ties. Dorothy was, as she spoke, „ultrastaroświecka”, and her husband - ultramodern ". He could not stand the night stand wife, which at the time was doing some notes. She claimed, that saves it, what a voice whispering her Egyptian. The night sessions lasted about a year. Spirit named Hor-Ra told her the story of the previous incarnation. After three years of marriage broke up, Eman moved to Iran, Dorothy and her son live in Abydos.

Love Pharaoh

Abydos was a special place for Dorothy. It's there, As a young girl she lived, she worked, He was in love. With her memories, have returned due, it was called then Bentreshyt. Her mother sold vegetables, and his father was a soldier. In Egypt, there was Pharaoh Seti I. When she was three years, her mother died, and it was placed in the temple of Kom El Sultan (temple in Abydos was only under construction). So was a priestess of the Nile. Once, during the ceremony at the temple, Pharaoh drew attention to the beautiful and young priestess, and I fell in love with her. After a few days, not paying attention to her priestly vows, he called her to him. In time, they had a boy, the Pharaoh very loved. The idyll lasted a few years, until Seti I was not killed while hunting for crocodiles. Then the priests headed for Bentreshyt all your anger. son killed, and they threw herself into the dungeon, where he soon died.

Test truthfulness

If you can prove, Dorothy that indeed was once the embodiment of the priestesses of the Nile? Chief Inspector of the Department of Antiquities decided to test the theory of reincarnation. asked Dorothy, that stood in the darkness near the temple paintings, which have never been published before. Its task was to describe works of art solely on the basis of the preserved memories. The case was simple: or a woman is a liar, or he is telling the truth. To the surprise of even the most hardened skeptics, Dorothy began to portray with great connoisseurship details of ancient works, which could know, as a priestess. But it is not everything: Dorothy recalled more than once, that when she was Bentreshyt, temple in Abydos had a wonderful garden, where he often meditated or met with Seti. during the excavations, Archaeologists stumbled upon something amazing: They dug up the garden and is the exact place, He was talking about Dorothy!


There is something wonderful in the belief, that modern English girl could be in a previous incarnation of the Egyptian priestess. It surprises her knowledge of unpublished images and buried sand gardens. However, there will always be skeptics, who will have their own interpretation of these events.

After all, faith, that there is such a thing, as traveling soul, reinkarnacja, re-incarnation, It is really a wonderful thing. Why should we not believe? (S.K.)

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