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Science has always been based on the assumption, that man is the apex of intelligent life on Earth. But why only one type of biological given the right to priority, while the other, standing on the step below, They did not get a chance? Especially, that according to the laws of nature, people are the weakest and most defenseless against any threat.

Many factors show, that man can not only be the result of natural selection, Darwin developed the theory. Examine the structure of human DNA gives rise to state, the wise man - Homo sapiens - from the beginning had speech. Children inherit genetically innate and highly developed structure of speech. According to the data of modern genetics comes to this, that our ancestors some 200 thousand years ago suddenly they gained the ability to speak. It does not fit the theory of natural selection if only because, that this ability was quite superfluous to human survival as a species. It is a biological luxury, which nature itself is unlikely to be able to get.

Missing link?

Until now it was thought, that man descended from apes. Only, why between him and the monkey is the big difference? Scientists for years sought missing link in the history of human evolution, and in the end, in the XXI century, made amazing discoveries in Africa. Found by archaeologists Australopithecus sediba - Hominid species - has many features in common with the type of Homo. By some scientists it is considered to be the last common ancestor of this kind.

Paleoanthropologists could not, however, announce the triumph of science. Found cell, clearly proves that the, that the monkeys could not be ancestors of man. Nay: these are two different branches, which spread around 6 million years ago. And again intricately erected theory began to crumble.

Earthly origin of man

The deciphering of the human genome yielded a surprising result. Turned out, that he is 90% consistent with the genome of all living creatures on Earth. This demonstrates the earthly origin of man, and except that, this is what allows him to survive in the biosphere of this planet. The man fits perfectly into the world of animals, and those other 5-10% genes distinguishes it from bears, crocodiles, or swallows. A small change in the construction of some of the organic molecule called deoxyribonucleic acid, was able to jump the development of apelike beings to rational man.

But the genetic code could not by itself improve - it's very complicated technology. However, some powerful circumstances transformed into a wild creature in human.

Amazing coincidence legends

Virtually all cultures there own messages about human origins, which somehow they are very similar to each other. And all are associated with the arrival of the gods, who created man in his image.

The moving is the story of the origin of man described in ancient texts. Well, for the oldest civilization on Earth is considered the Sumerians. This nation appeared in the valley between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates (today Iraq) about eight thousand years ago out of nowhere. Linguists recognize their language as "isolated", ie. unrelated to any other in the world. Highly evolved Sumerians knew astronomy and higher mathematics, legislation and medicine. They claimed, that man created gods - annunaki, who arrived on Earth from a distant planet Nibiru.

Annunaki mined minerals on the planet but one day tired of them work in the mines, and decided to create a workers' in his own image and likeness. They led to a crossword own species of Earth's monkey. Thus was born the agitated creature - man. Initially, hybrids do not have the ability to reproduce but over time the Annunaki people added this ability, What provoked the wrath of other gods. Amazing, but similar genetic experiments are also described other texts.

The mysterious impulse in human development

According to official science, human ancestors appeared some 5,5 million years ago. The most famous representative of this period is Lucy (3,5 million years). She had growth 105 cm, He weighed about. 30 kg, and her brain had a volume 400 cm3.

The next link in the evolution of Homo habilis was (2,5-1,5 million years). He was called a "skillful", because next to the remains of its prey also found intentionally worked stones. His brain is already occupied 750 cm3.

Two-legged inhabitants of the highlands, plains and caves for generations gathered slow genetic changes. About 1,6 million years ago with their environment they came first pitekantropusy the average volume of the brain 930 cm3. They call them yet Homo erectus (man upright). If we assume, as he wants most anthropologists, that such an enlargement of the brain resulted in the development of the intellect, It is such a phenomenon seems quite unusual species makromutację. Otherwise, we would have to explain this anomaly explained by the, that Homo erectus, is a separate species, whose ancestors not yet found.

Finally, Homo erectus survived 1,2-1,3 million years without any major noticeable changes, and then spread from Africa to Asia, Australia and Europe. And then it started to happen to him something disturbing. Perhaps as a result of climate change, its population began to decline, and finally extinct species. In time, when the greater part of the Homo erectus die out, another part suddenly evolved into Homo sapiens - there has been a rapid increase of the volume of the skull 950 cm3 do 1450 cm3! There is a common belief, that a wise man is a descendant of Homo erectus (no because Whose would be?) but such a rapid transformation defies the principles of evolution.

In Homo sapiens has changed not only the construction of the body and the brain; so far primitive and ad hoc working of stone has become a complex and wonderful crafts, He appeared in art, primitive forms of religion and magic, the development of language systems. And all this came suddenly, as if magically.

As you can see, Modern science does not feel up to it, to clearly and unequivocally explain the origin of modern man according to the rules of Darwin's theory. To keep defying defend the idea of ​​a gradual transformation of the humanoid primates in neoantropy, They convince us, it is only valid approach to.

Therefore, it seems reasonable, to slightly correct theory. Yes, man actually comes from monkeys, but at a certain stage of development (some 200 thousand years ago) This process has been significantly accelerated due to the interference of some additional external factors. Perhaps it was the intervention of the gods. or God? (S.K.)

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