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The ancient Celts, the indigenous inhabitants of the British Isles, worshiped gods, providing fertility, fertility and wealth, as well as the destructive forces, carrying death. They forge their statues in stone in the form of human heads. Celts adorned them their homes and other buildings.

According to Celtic legends, their gods were kind to people only, when their respected and solicited for their mercy. They were at the same time quite capricious and vindictive, it was hard to accommodate. If a man insulted them, This could send a curse on everyone, who looked them in the eye. Witnesses say, that the ancient deity to this day retain power over people.

The find in England

Celtic head niewiaryfodneTwo children Lesley and Colin Robson, playing in the garden near the family home, accidentally turned up two strange rocks the size of a tennis ball. Cleanse them with sand and debris discovered, that the found objects like human heads. Brother and sister carried the stones to the house and showed their parents. Both faces were roughly sketched in gray-green, shimmering quartz and resembled posthumous mask. One of the heads looked masculine, the second one - because of hairs seen from behind - female.

father children, John Robson, I am interested to find mysterious and decided to leave the figure at home. He wanted to show them to his colleague, scholar-archaeologist Dr. Ross.

With the advent of home Robsonów mysterious stone heads have started with them strange things happen. Once the whole family watched in amazement, as the heads of the children called "devil" and a "witch" suddenly began to rotate. Then Robson noticed, that for no apparent reason unbreakable kitchenware and burst quite new things. In addition, all family members feel constant anxiety. Several times neighbors saw, Robsonów at home in their absence shone a strange bluish light. Soon they too began to feel, that in their homes something was wrong.

Scary dream

One evening the wife Robson, Ann heard, as the children's room there is crying. She threw herself into the room upstairs and she found the children strongly frightened and upset. Daughter and son agreed that, he was with them just "terrible man", who took from nowhere and disappeared just as suddenly. Mother, how could, comforting their children convincing them, it was just a bad dream.

But he stood in the doorway of her bedroom woman with horror noticed her strange creature: upper body looks like a wolf, while the lower man. Ms. Robson started screaming and mysterious creature jumped on the windowsill, and from there could leap into the street. Ann heard the distinct noise, and then the sound of retreating footsteps. The next day, she learned from neighbors, that night, many of them have heard in their homes incomprehensible sounds and muffled voices.

Mysterious creatures

A few days later, a mysterious creature appeared again at home Robsonów. This time the host himself saw the door terrible half-wolf, half-man. The hapless family decided to inform the police about the events. The guards order, as you might expect, They advised them to turn to another instance, for example, to a psychiatric institution. In the meantime, the family Robsonów witnessed another mysterious cases. And the mirror broke for no apparent reason, and that household appliances refused to obey, banging doors, rooms appeared strange shadows.

Cause of mysterious phenomena remained a mystery for all, until Robson does not associate them with the presence in the house of stone figures, found by children. Immediately he called Dr. Ross and told him, what happened. He asked him, that as soon took a devilish these stones.

Ross immediately arrived, He examined the find and concluded, he was holding in his hands celtyckie idol, one of which represented the deity of fertility, and the other the spirit of magic and witchcraft. According to his opinion, Both statues were extremely old. The doctor calmed, how could, terrified friends and decided to take the stones for further research. He convinced them, that the stories of magical abilities statues, a mere superstitions and childish fairy. Joke told them even Celtic legend, as a hero calmed poltergeists one spell: „ye obey me!”.

smile sorcerer

Saying goodbye to his family and Robsonów podśmiewając in the spirit of their foolish superstitions, Dr. Ross headed back. However, he could not reach up to ten kilometers, when he began to feel a strange discomfort and anxiety. It seemed to him sometimes even, that someone looks at him from behind.

On the back of the car there was no one, not counting the two stone heads. He turned and saw the fear, that one of them ... smiles! Ross accelerated, but the car went out after a while he stood in the middle of the road. Several drivers barely avoided a collision with the machine Ross. He wanted to start the engine, However, he was unable to move.

It seemed to him, that if he does, that something terrible will happen. Passing by people with astonishment looked at the car standing on the road and pale with fear driver, ATTACHED to the steering wheel. Unexpectedly, Ross remembered the old legend, I recently told a terrified Robsonom. Almost cried that magical formula of. Moments later, the car's engine began to work normally, a feeling of fear began to wear off. Surreptitiously he glanced at the back of the car and was relieved to see, that mysterious smile on his face idol disappeared.

Home has arrived without complications, but he decided not to take the stones to the apartment. After some time, he dismissed the "devil" and a "witch" to the archaeological museum, where tests confirmed speculation about Ross staroceltyckim origin of the stone idols.

When the doctor heard, that the museum started to happen strange things, He did not surprised - after all, he himself has experienced the "curse of the stone heads". (S.K.)

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