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Contact unrecognized flying object may end up with a disaster. 23 April 1976 year tens of inhabitants of Brazilian municipalities Quixada watching the night sky mysterious object. It was a huge drive, who silently flew against the sky emitting a bright light. They saw him, the participants of night maneuvers in the training ground military base Tiro de Guerra.

The fatal encounter

Farm Luis Barroso Fernandes was near Quixada. Luis lived in, twenty kilometers from the farm, but from time to time he arrived there to see your property and give the command staff. Instead, he preferred to Luis car ride two-wheeled carriage. Perfectly familiar with the way he was driving a mule host to the farm and back home.

That day, in question, Luis returned home about two o'clock in the night. Suddenly he heard a sound like a buzzing swarm of bees, coming from somewhere up. Farmer raised his eyes and speechless: straight over his head hung a giant disk. Frightened mule jumped sideways. Disk struck bright ray of light, crippling human and animal. The object landed there 30 meters from the carriage.

"The light coming from the disk began to wane, and saw before me something, what looked like a huge wheel of the tractor, or carapace color aluminum - told Luis. It opened its small door and came out of there two beings. They were similar to ordinary people, but lower growth and peculiar clothes. In the hands holding something like flashlights. One of them shone in my face and immediately lost consciousness. "

When Luis woke up, He sat as before in the carriage, but the landscape was quite different, than before. Now the farmer was only three kilometers from the city. Perhaps the mule he was driving a familiar route unconscious host, maybe the car moved himself UFO.

The unfortunate farmer had chills, he felt shortness of breath and dizziness. His eyes burned, if someone, poured in not pepper, head was bursting with pain. The left part of the body livid, his hands were still shaking. Fortunately, appeared on the road one more lonely traveler, pastuch João Francisco. He helped Luis get home.

mysterious disease

Antonio MoreiraFinding a home, Luis asked his wife, to urge the doctor. Antonio Moreira Magalhaes, one of the better doctors, He was not able to make a diagnosis. Meanwhile, with Luis has got worse. Body began to swell, eyes were bulging, like a frog.

Mule turn, for a few days he is not even touched and scared the feed of any reason. Dr. Magalhaes did not believe in the story of the meeting with Luis aliens.

Soon the lead, but the hospital 23 old student Francisca Da Silva. Together with his twelve brother was walking in the forest in the morning, after described event. Unexpectedly, the trees hit the light beam aimed straight at the girl's face. After a while the light went out, and she felt such weakness, that based on his brother's shoulder barely dragged herself to the house and there fell senseless. Symptoms franciski proved to be identical, strong in Luisa, but in a much lighter form. Soon the girl fully returned to health.

Meanwhile, Luis extinguished eyes. 53 year-old man in a few days completely turned gray and almost completely lost his memory. When the doctor once again visited the farmer, that it no longer met. Doctors decided to dismiss the patient to the capital of the state of Ceará on the supplementary examinations. In directing Dr. Magalhaes wrote: "Patient survived close contact with the UFO."

Luisa badało 17 doctors, but none could explain the mysterious symptoms of his illness. After two weeks, they carried him back to the Quixada, advising more rest.

The progressive degradation

Luis did not recognize relatives and friends, He forgot to read and write. In his dictionary remained only three words, like a year-old child: „mama”, "Give" and "terrible". The last word uttered, when the light flashed on camera reporter Capital. Dr. Magalhaes doubted, that the patient survived the terrible trauma, associated with the light. Soon he stopped moving.

"It was something incredible - said Dr.. Not only is the brain of the patient returned to the state of early childhood; there were also changes on the skin: become thin, smooth and without a wrinkle - like a child. Although Luis was lying in bed without moving, his muscles were normal. If you do not count heads, who refused to obey, that his health was perfect. He did electroencephalogram, but we not in brain pathology found. In his case, there was no paralysis, ani skleroza, or trauma. If you have changed the position of his limbs, Luis slowly returning to her previous position. It meant, that had the ability to move, but made no moves because of some blockage in the brain. "

Luis lay motionless 17 years. He died in 1993 year - apparently with age. Farm and shop in Quixada took one of the sons of the deceased, Leonardo Barroso.

"Father while they still could not speak, He repeated all the time: "You have to I could hide from them in the forest. Under the canopy would not find me ". I believe him, because, that he saw a UFO, when he was driving a motorcycle in this way. The hotel sent a very bright light. I had to brake and turn around, to me it is not blinding. "

Hunt for men

Famous astronomer and ufologist Jacques Vallée, after analysis of many similar cases, after meetings with witnesses, doctors and policemen came to several conclusions, which frighten and fascinate at the same time:

  • UFO rays cause damage to the nervous system and usually death. At the same time it must be said, that these rays are not, in fact, some kind of weapon. Before them you can hide in the forest or near the cliff.
  • UFO attack after it, to kill or injure people. This objective can be achieved much easier and simpler methods. Their action is rather perform some task, the contractors do not care about our feelings and health.
  • This behavior can be compared to the work zoologists, who shoot animals missiles usypiającymi. The animals may seem aggression, although scholars act in good faith, trying not to cause them harm. However, failed to hit can be deadly.
  • Aggression UFO increases with distance from the cities. Who moves at night without the protection of trees, risking a direct meeting with unknown hunters. (S.K.)
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